Tuesday, September 28, 2010

putting it together

i think the thing that separates those people who are stylish and those who are not is the ability to put an outfit together. And more times than not, I am one of those people running around in the morning with no idea what to put with what. Some websites that I like to look at for outfit ideas are:

www.luckymagazine.com (check out they're street style photos)

here's two great high-fashion websites:

and of course the trashy celeb-chasing magazine websites like:
www.people.com (they have a monthly "people style watch")

these websites all show you what's 'in' for the season & how to wear it, along with how celebs wear these trends in many different ways. I hope they help you too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i need a dolla

Has anyone seen the HBO tv series "How To Make It In America"? My boyfriend introduced it to me, and this morning in a cafe I heard the theme song. It's been stuck in my head ever since...

Friday, September 24, 2010


Today Heath and I (Heath being my mother) walked all over the false creek/downtown (yaletown, gastown, robson, granville) area and by the end of the day were absolutely exhausted. We got a lengthy tour of my school and met all the wonderful teachers whom I'll be working with, along with all of the other lovely people that will keep my world spinning for the next year. We then went to the Pacific Centre Mall on W George Street and Granville, which is known as the 'underground' mall. Next we headed to Gastown to take a look around at the boutiques and shops down there. The main purpose of going to this area was to visit the boutique shop called LYNNsteven, which is a shop owned by a Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Graduate! The space is very unique and the dressing room is made entirely of old paperback books:

[check out the LYNNsteven website here]

It's definitely worth checking out whether you live in Vancouver or are just visiting. Another one of my new finds (actually, my sister found it) is Oliver & Lilly's; a little boutique on W 13th and Granville that has lots of well crafted, detailed pieces that have a great price and would easily fit into my wardrobe!

I'm still going to be on the hunt for more great shops & boutiques...if I find any worth knowing I'll keep my posts updated!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

finally unpacked

so it's taken me a couple days to unpack all my stuff, but my closets are organized and i'm happy with the result =)

[closet in my room, all color coded and whatnot]


[dress closet, which is actually half of the master bedroom closet]

[close-up of my black dresses...i like black]

[jackets & dresses & the 4 hats i own]

[my shoe closet? i've never had one of those before..]

Are you as obsessive about the neatness of your closet as i am? A month down the road it probably won't look like this, but I still try my best to keep it all in order!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

white wash

NY fashion week trend favorite: white. i love the monochromatic look of an all-white outfit or even just the simple breezy feel a LWD has. The trouble is, they're not that easy to find. And when you do find one, it's not always the most flattering thing. These are my favorites from runway to red carpet!

[donna karan]

[carolina herrera]

[leighton meester]

[alexa chung]

[looking at them on a white background now, they're really not all THAT white. but really, do you love them any less??]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

moving in & moving up

This blog is to commemorate a new chapter in my life....and to help fill all the spare time I'm going to have, and all the knowledge I'll be gaining in the next year on fashion, style & all things glamourous! [plus posts on things i bake, cook, and projects I have]. I love fashion and what it does for me; and while i'm no pro, you have to start somewhere.

[ topshop lace dress / h&m saddlebag ]

ENJOY! x andie